Cattle Lower Whisky Tumbler

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Mike’s Dad is a cattle farmer, and for him it’s an absolute passion. Our cattle design started as a dedication to Gavin and the support he’s given us both and our family through the years, but has become one of our most popular designs. Along with our tractor design, these glasses started us on the road to founding Marks & Pencils - trying to create the perfect gift for a special man and others like him, who ask for nothing, and give us their all. Of course, it helps that Scotland is known for its agriculture, and our beef industry is among the most celebrated in the world.

Functional - Our range of whisky tumblers are perfect for a variety of drinks, from your favourite dram to a creative cocktail, or even a fresh fruit juice.

Durable - The glasses feature a heavy base and strong, sturdy wall, making them robust enough for everyday use, while the classic style complements the hand-etched design.

Size - 10.6oz / 300ml Height: 93mm Diameter: 79mm

Maintenance - All our glasses are dishwasher safe, though we recommend hand-washing to ensure optimum care.