Classic Stag Mug

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A firm favourite, our Stag design is inspired by the natural elegance of the Highlands’ most majestic resident. We are lucky enough to have them frequent the hills behind Mike’s family home in rural Caithness.

Functional - We understand that not all drinks are alcoholic, and we love a good coffee as much as a tipple, so we’ve illustrated a range of glassware with a cosy cuppa in mind. Our inspiration for these actually came from our teetotal Grandparents, who we felt were a little left out when it came to personalised gifts.

Durable - To ensure quality and safety, we’ve opted for Bodum mugs, which are not only strong but microwave safe. However you like your tea, or however many times you need to reheat it, we’ve got you covered. If you’re a hot chocolate fiend like Kay’s Gran, you’ll be safe heating your milk right in the mug. Just mind your fingers retrieving it!

Size - 12.5cm x 10cm x 8.8cm / 300ml

Maintenance - All our glasses are dishwasher safe, though we recommend hand-washing to ensure optimum care.